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Delayed Umbrella of Gratitude

Too often we forget why it's so important to incorporate our spiritual practice into our physical daily activities. Society has become such an instant gratification environment, that it is difficult to see that 'carrot', that infinital vibration of Gratitude just ahead of us.  There are keys, tools, practices, and processes that we can utilize to step into our truth, daily, with ease, and inspired joy! There are ways for us to remind ourselves why our spiritual walk through our daily life is so important.  Join me on this journey, allow me to hand you an umbrella while walking in the reign (sometimes torrential downpour)of the current society's environs, to truly step into your purpose, embracing your truth in your daily experience, with out getting wet, and living the life that you know you are here to Expand into.

~ Book Recommendations ~

The Heart of Tantric Sex

by Diana Richardson




Power of Alpha Thinking

by Jess Stearn


The Four Agreements

by Don Miguel Ruiz 






The Artist's Way

by Julia Cameron





The Seven Spiritual

Laws of Yoga

by Deepak Chopra








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