HISTORY Tantric Dance reaches back to ancient times when women gathered to share, solve problems of the tribe, learn ways of the feminine wisdom and get in

tune with their own expression.

WHERE Nichole offers in studio intimate workshops with groups of 4-6 women once a week for a 2 hour session. You can also book her for private appointments in your own home with a group of 3-6 women.

WHY Tantric Dance assists us in every aspect of our lives. Tuning us into the divine feminine allows us to access the wisdom of our past lives, our ancestors, and Mother Earth to be a part of our daily expression. If you are ready to become one with your divine feminine, this practice is right for you.

Tantric Dance Workshops

VIEW INTO THE WORKSHOP Tantric Dance Workshops are performed in a sacred space. To begin the session, we will warm up our bodies with some yogic stretching and drop into our connection with Mother Earth, our Sensuality, and the Universes Infinite Energy. Each woman in the group will then have the opportunity to become the expression of an ancient story being told, while being joined in the journey by the others as Witness.


After each dance we will go around, sharing our interpretation of the story told. This shared expression will allow us to look into our souls together and extract the beautiful meaning of why we have gathered and how it may pertain to ones own journey.


This group will become intertwined with support, love, respect, and sisterhood, for we are here in this time to save the world through the divine feminine.

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Studio Workshop Session (2 hours) ~ $25 session / 4 sessions for $75 / Bring a Friend, they pay $10


Private in Home Session with group of 3-6 women (2 1/2hours) ~ $20 per Person / Host is free