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In a Soul Voice Attunement, we will enter a sacred space that will then allow all of the Enlightened Energetics that have been with you on your Soul's journey to communicate to you clearly, through me as a Clear Channel and the Witness. These Sacred Geometric Expanded Energies are the knowingness of your Soul's purpose and intention thus having optimal supportive & enlightened insight to offer, particular and potent to where you currently are, for you to engage with this wisdom and utilize these insights; much like being given homework, practices, & exercises to assist immediately.


The attunement session commences when the reading is scheduled and reserved (so please be respectful of my energetic body). The enlightened Energetics divine unto your Soul's Signature Vibration will transmit downloads, visions, similies, creating environments and comprehensions for valuable insight to be delivered during the session to you, in your language, with ease.

This attunement connects you to your Divine Truth, your enlightened/expanded Wisdom. I won't tell you anything that you don't already know, deep with in your soul, which is Truth, yet We will be journeying to that place of Wisdom, that Innerspace of Truth. In essence, we'll be shown how you are to take your training wheels off of your bicycle...

Infusements of Loving Joy, keys ~Answers~ and activities specific for you to use in your current comprehension will be delivered ~ channeled through my presence as witness~ in your language, your tongue, your current terminology for you to embrace in the NOW moment with Ease and Grace, protected and free from lower vibrations, conditions, and all barriers, definitions, and enslavement of time.

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HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR READING Come into your session with a clear mind by taking 3 deep breathes. Have a journal ready to write in and water.  It's best to not have plans made for after your reading (which usually runs around 1 1/2 hours, although we will be unlaced from time), for you will be delivered into your expanded landscape, which may make it hard (nearly impossible, especially if you truly wish for this to BE your NEW REALITY) to answer to time and old ways...  May I suggest for after your reading; an epsom salt/baking soda/ lavender bath, a long walk in a peaceful place like a forest or a field (some place as expanded as you will feel) barefoot with places to sit & journal, rewrite & elaborate on your homeworks ~ keys ~ tools, or recline while breathing that expanded breath, that meditative breath, that inhale of Ease, that exhale of Gratitude...

Everything is Energy

Energy is a vibration

Vibration is a frequency 

Frequency is light and sound


Energy wishes to be seen as IN RELATIONSHIP 

Energy also reminds us that it takes up space...


Each Soul is a Divine Signature Vibration, unique & sacred unto itself... Utilizing my gifts will tune you into your authentic Soul Vibration. This is a space of love, grace, and humility.


Readings create a sacred space where you will be handed tools & life skills unique to where you are in your path. The use of these tools will be shown to you as well.

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