How may I assist

In a Soul Voice Attunement, we enter a sacred space that allows for all of the Enlightened Energetics of your Soul's journey to communicate to you through me as the Clear Channel and as your Witness. These Energetics know your Soul's purpose and intention. They have optimal supportive & enlightened insights to offer that are particular and potent to where you currently are in your Soul’s journey. The purpose of this is for you to engage with this wisdom, to utilize these insights and in turn apply them to your life. The Attunement is much like being given homework, practices, & exercises that will assist you immediately and provide greater clarity on your direction and the vision for your life.

This Attunement connects you to your Divine Truth and expanded Wisdom. I won't tell you anything you do not already know that is deep within your soul. We will be journeying to that place of Wisdom, that Innerspace of Truth together. In essence, we will be shown how you are going to take your training wheels off of your bicycle...

How to Prepare for your Reading

Come into your session with a clear mind by taking 3 deep breathes. Have a journal ready to write in and water.  It's best to not have plans made for after your reading (which usually runs around 1 1/2 hours, although we will be unlaced from time), for you will be delivered into your expanded landscape, which may make it hard (nearly impossible, especially if you truly wish for this to BE your NEW REALITY) to answer to time and old ways... 

Everything is Energy

Energy is a vibration

Vibration is a frequency 

Frequency is light and sound


Energy wishes to be seen as in Relationship 

Energy also reminds us that it takes up space...


Each Soul is a Divine Signature Vibration, unique & sacred unto itself... Utilizing my gifts will tune you into your authentic Soul Vibration. This is a space of love, grace, and humility.


Readings create a sacred space where you will be handed tools & life skills unique to where you are in your path. The use of these tools will be shown to you as well.