Words from my clients...

The first time I had the pleasure of meditating with Nichole, I realized I was in the hands of a profoundly tuned-in being. We journeyed together over the land I call home and through my psyche to invite an unfolding of perfection, unadulterated by fear and limited vision. Her soothing words were a magical balm to my soul and I felt that anything was possible. I have never been guided on a more beautiful, authentic, and heartfelt meditation. I highly recommend experiencing her gift!

Nichole has profound intuitive knowledge; she harnesses it carefully and thoughtfully. She cares deeply about people, animals and the world, and it shows - interactions she has with others will leave them with a greater understanding of who they are, what they are capable of, and what is holding them back, if they allow her to explore their mind, energy and heart. She is a gifted, one of a kind communicator.

I am honored to have been working with Nichole for many years in connection to her Soul Voice attunements. She has guided me through very emotional and turbulent times in my life. I have utilized other healers and mediums but with Nichole I have a more insightful tool given to me through her; the ability to self heal. Her soul voice readings aren't just predictive/prescriptive, they are evaluative in their nature and are easily referenced when needed. For example, a mantra that she helped me to co-create is one that I have utilized and been able to receive benefits from when I was not with her and long after my reading. For me, the power of these readings comes from the ability for me to use them regardless of Nichole's presence as they are tools that are specific to me and for me. I am so grateful for Nichole's gift. She has been an amazing influence in my development and I am happy to give her this reference as a small token of my gratitude. The greatest gift Nichole gives is the sound of your true soul's voice being heard for the first time. Its is truly amazing and I am in a better place due to her gentle guidance. 

When I crossed paths with Ms. Welch, I was in a place of deep confusion and lack of clarity about the path my steps had taken. Graduate school turned out to be difficult in ways I’d never imagined and my confidence in my writing ability was at an all time low. I had several spiritual and physical habits I knew I had to change, but couldn’t find the strength or the direction away from them. Then at a festival, surrounded by thousands of other, Ms. Welch chose to pick me out and give me reading because she felt I needed to hear it. I felt uplifted, honored, and beautiful as she reminded me of the magic inherent in the universe and the wonder at it that I was missing. even though she was a stranger still to me then, the quality of the love and compassion she poured out to me was healing in its own right. I felt she genuinely cared about my well-being and orientation to the universe. Her reading gave me permission to give myself permission to be happy and welcome all the many blessing that have since come into my life.  I returned to school with renewed determination to tackle my craft, tackle my habits, and fall back in love with the wonder of it all. I am proud and grateful to count 

Ms. Welch as a powerful member of my spiritual team.

Nichole Welch has given me some of the most remarkable and helpful guidance I have ever

received from another human being! In particular, she has been a guiding light through a very

precarious transition over the past year. She was able to see things that were crucial to my unfoldment, that remained veiled and confused for me. With her insight I was able to gather more courage, confidence and reinforcement, to see the erroneous beliefs I needed to transform and look deeply at my patterns and path. This allowed me to come into greater alignment to make important decisions regarding romantic love, my soul's path, my art and creativity. Her gift is undeniable, and a huge blessing to anyone who crosses her path and receives her services. I recommend her wholeheartedly without reservation. I am so thankful I met her. We need people like her on our planet right now!

If there was ever a person that I could call on and believe in and be respectful of it would be

Nichole Rita Welch. She rings true even within her own questioning of herself...true humility within a bundle of talent and energy and beauty....she is spiritually engaged and she bases this knowledge within her own body of wisdom that rockets and explodes on the horizon of our new age.

I LOVE HER! You would be so lucky to be in her circle.

I have had the pleasure to work with Nichole Welch in multiple capacities over time.

We have functioned as colleagues with excellent results, working in creating abundance in our

own small desert community by supporting the Farmer's Market with our presence. Nichole was one of the main facilitators of the weekly event and I, a vendor. She was always prompt, professional, attentive, engaging, and helpful with me. She had communicated with openness and enthusiasm and troubleshot even difficult problems on the fly and with ease. Later, we exchanged healing sessions and I was astounded at how deeply effective and accurate Nichole's session was with me. She engaged me in a way that caused me to dedicate to the change necessary at a root level, giving me concrete psychic tools, imagery, meditations and exercises that seemed to be generated on the spot specifically for me and my particular psyche. I'm not sure where she learned such technique, in fact, it seems as though she is doing it effortlessly like a child without even thinking about it. It was a very wonderful experience. As a consumer of alternative therapies and treatments, I have tried many different diverse techniques.

Nichole assists a person in a very unique and holistic way. She engages you as a whole

being and seems to see clearly the encouragement or imagery you need to push

through barriers in your life. I really was amazed by her sessions and happily

DO recommend her to my friends. She is extraordinary and a

fantastic addition to any event or team!

I know Nichole to be sincere, honest, dependable, loyal. She is, and has, a gift for people.

She is a good and capable leader, a self starter. She is an asset to any professional endeavour.

I have found Nichole to be very intuitive with the needs of people. Through sessions with

Nichole this past year I have learned to relieve stress in my daily life with meditation, find

inner peace and contentment by daily reflection. The insights, tools, she was

able to share with me truly enhance my living experience. 

I know she has done this for others also.