The value of a reading is $120~$150 (my clients have authentically placed this value from my most recent handfuls of readings), however I AM offering a practice of  Trust : I trust that your Soul will know the value of which it receives from your reading and be able to exchange that.  Your Soul will never 'put you out' or commit to something beyond your means (intact quite the opposite). As I am trusting your Soul in knowing the value, your Soul is Trusting you to give that, practicing & HONORING a Mutually Beneficial Exchange. Indeed, this is a practice of Trust.


The reading in fact starts upon reservation.  So please be respectful of my energetic body, with the knowledge that all high vibrational beings that have been with you all along on your soul's journey are responding to your soul's request at the moment of reserving a reading, so that when you step into the sacred space, it will be delivered ~ channeled through my presence as Witness ~ in your language, your tongue, your current terminology for you to embrace in the NOW moment with ease and grace ~ protected and free from lower vibrations, conditions, and all barriers, definitions, and enslavement of time.

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