I am not afraid

I wonder if that isn't a good thing

I hear a little fear goes a long way

I see what it does to someone's posture

I want to smack the fear out of

Their shrugging back

When I spot it


A little fear goes a long way

I save myself from acting on my want

I touch their spine gently instead

I feel like that may be more of a help

I pretend that they are my sister, or brother, or best friend

I worry sometimes that my words are too direct

I understand that they need to learn their lessons on their own

so I dream of Clarity and Grace Bestowed upon them

tho' I try to escort them a little further on their path

I hope growth occurs with these exchanges

for you and I ~


where tongue and thought are best friends


feel it every morning


meditate on it in my backyard


the hamster wheel in my head well used


dances performed in a happy soul


of the water in a well

when a mountain spring lay uninspired


not to be mixed up with masturbated

although the ends may feel the same


NRW Poetry

At the Waters Edge, Inside the Mirror

Inside the mirror, I saw the waters edge. It was an Oceanside, much like the beach I'd soaked up the sun and salty wind and waves for three hours, before driving away from Santa Cruz this past March. Driving away from Santa Cruz for a third time in two years, this has given me a lot to reflect on. And so I honor what is inside this mirror, this space of meditation, this Grace period. To do just that; reflect. crawl into the mirror, for in this place of introspection, I find my soul. By going inward I find my soul vibration. It is by remaining present long enough to feel the ocean's waves, the salty air stinging my cheeks, the sun soaking into my skin and bones, that I become present to my soul's musings, my Soul's voice filled with reference of my Divine path. Is this where I need to be? Or is it just the Calling to me, that I am to answer to, and reminded to do. For every time I walk myself here, in this place within the mirror of meditation, I do feel that I AM exactly where I need to be. Present to the musings of my soul's voice, present long enough to grasp the next vision, of where I AM to place myself within the mirror's of wisdom.