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THE SLIPDRESSES are tools to embracing One's feminine sensuality. Each slipdress is a unique artistic creation borne of revamped vintage wears and divine embellishments. All triple hand dyed, Striking a resonance thru the vibration of color to attune You/One with Your Inner Goddess now ready to come out...

It's not just a dress, it's a fashion

designed to raise One's vibration into

Elegance and Grace.


 These dresses are meant to be accessorized. What do you have in your closet that wishes to complete YOU? Think of the jewelry (necklines, earrings, wrists become integral to your sacred whole...)  Do you have cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, clogs, knee boots, chunky heels, strappy heels, jeweled sandals (all of these can play a key part in your unique way of stepping out, and IN to your own!) reflect on your cardigan sweaters in a new way, your button down tops (usually utilizing either the button at the neckline or just below your bosom), dress it all up or down with your jean jacket, or velvet blazer, give your 'never will wear this again' one time shoulder cover purchase an entirely new landscape...

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